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The German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan (GSDCP) was first formed in 2005.  Within a short span, the club grew to massively high number due to its just policies. Mr. Saad Saleem,  the President of the GSDCP took a great step by forming the club in order to protect and enhance the most popular breed (The German Shepherd Dog) and to promote it across the country.

The organization was established to promote the breeding, keeping, and training of the GSD along the lines of the ideals promoted by (WUSV).

GSDCP takes pride by promoting and implementing one of the top bloodlines recognized internationally to enhance the breed standard in Pakistan. Our premeditated breeding program ensures the best of the species to be bred and appreciated.

The Club has so far organized many dog shows, with great success, judged by famous International Judges from the FCI, Asian Kennel Club, and the American Kennel Club. In addition to this, the Club also holds  Breed Survey Programs to make sure the best of the breed is allowed to produce.

The animals registered with us are taken care of properly as we educate their owners in regards to development, exercises, training, grooming, breeding, nutrition, veterinary help and other related matters so that our dogs meet all international standards.

We have a perfectly healthy relationship between the higher authoritative bodies operating in the country like the SECP and many others to ensure seamless operations of the club.