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Members’ Code of Ethics

  1. All members of the GSDCP agree to abide by its general Code of Ethics.
  2. Members will appropriately accommodate, nourish, groom, train and exercise all dogs under their care and organize proper veterinary attention if required.
  3. Members will agree without reluctance that any veterinary doctor performing an operation on any of their dogs which changes the natural conformation of the animal, or who performs a caesarean section on a female dog (bitch), is advised to report such processes to the GSDCP.
  4. Members will agree that no puppy in the pink will be killed. Puppies which do not meet the Breed Standards should be placed in suitable environment.
  5. Members will not be allowed to breed from a dog or a bitch which could be harmful in any way to the breed.
  6. Members will take complete responsibility for their dogs; they will not allow their dogs to roam unattended. Dogs are to be properly handled; no interruption or a nuisance should be caused to neighbors or other individuals carrying out official duties.
  7. Members will make sure that their animals are kept leashed or are under an effective control system when away.
  8. Members will be responsible for cleaning up after their dogs in public places or anywhere their animals are being exhibited.
  9. Members will only sell dogs or puppies to individuals who guarantee a suitable, happy and healthy environment to the animal.  If at any time the initial circumstances change, the owner will be responsible for re-homing of a dog.
  10. Will make available the written details of all the nutritional requirements and give direction with reference to responsible ownership when placing dogs in a new dwelling.
  11. Members will provide all relevant GSDCP papers to the new owner when selling or transferring a dog and will consent, in writing, to forward any related documents at the earliest, if immediately not available.
  12. Will not sell GSDCP certificates as separate items.
  13. Will not intentionally misrepresent the characteristics of the German Shepherd Dog, nor will fallaciously advertise dogs and neither will misinform any person regarding the physical condition or quality of a dog.


Breeder’s Code of Ethics

  1. To sustain the best possible standards of healthiness and care in their kennels.
  2. To decline to sell to or advise to unethical breeders or any buyer where they have grounds to believe that the animal will not be cared of by the books.
  3. To refuse to trade dogs to retailers or wholesalers.
  4. To unmistakably affirm on contract to the buyer of a puppy or an adult dog whether the sale is of “show prospect??? or “pet??? quality dog.
  5. To advise all buyers to have a puppy or adult dog sold by the seller to be examined by a certified veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt.
  6. To deliver dogs of sound health and temperament where the actual face to face agreement does not take place. A minimum period of 48-72 hours is contracted for the return if any signs of irresponsibility have been shown by the seller.
  7. Breeder and owners are advised to always use a sales contract or any other written agreement when sale or purchase of a dog is involved.