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Give your German Shepherd a way to keep cool. German Shepherds, especially long-haired shepherds, are susceptible to hot weather. If you have a long-haired shepherd and you live in a hot/tropical area, provide your dog with plenty of water and shade while outside, and don’t demand too much of them on extremely hot days.

Teach your German Shepherd tricks. Not only will a well behaved German Shepherd be more impressive and easier to care for, but you and your dog will develop a bond if you take the time to train it. As the bond gets stronger, your German Shepherd will be more likely to listen to your commands, and will be happier to have you as a master.

Remember that a German Shepherd is large. Give this breed space. German Shepherds are very active, fun-loving dogs. They need a lot of space to run around. Make sure that your yard is clear, uncluttered and hazard-free. If you don’t have a big yard then take your dog daily to the local park, or make use of any other appropriate open spaces accessible from your home. German Shepherd dogs get along with other dogs well.

Feed your GSD properly. Make sure you feed your shepherd twice per day, and feed it the right amount. Don’t give him/her too little or too much. Make sure you are feeding a quality food which doesn’t use corn for protein. Dogs drink a lot. Fill up a bowl and leave it where your dog has access to it. Check up on the bowl several times a day to make sure there is plenty of water and that it is clean.

Bathe your shepherd if you feel they need it, but don’t do this too often as it can disrupt their natural skin and fur oils. You can bathe him/her at home or take him/her to a groomer.

Take your shepherd to the vet. Here are some reasons to do so:
Check-up – The vet can check the general condition of your dog and give regular injections.
Bath – the vet will give your dog a proper bath to get rid of stench and check for things like ear infections.
Nails – When your dogs nails get long it is very painful for them to move about. Take him/her to the vet to have them clipped.
De-worming/heart worm test – All dogs must be wormed every month or so to prevent them getting worms. First your dog will need to be tested for worms, and then your vet can prescribe a medication to be taken monthly. If your dog already has worms, your vet can provide a medication for treatment.
Old age – This specific breed of dog gets many problems when they get old-mainly joint problems. If your dog has trouble walking, take him/her to the vet, who will give you medicine or help your German Shepherd with therapy or, in extreme cases, surgery.

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